Marillah McOlney

Alternate Names
Marilla Millar (Married Name)
Marilla Adams (Married Name)
Marillah Olney (Alternate Name)
Birth Date
On 1833 June 18 (Born)
Death Date
On 1899 January 6 (Died)

Marillah McOlney was born in Canada on June 18, 1833. Circumstantial evidence that she came to Utah in 1852. She married Thomas Millar and had one child who died, and then married Arza Matson Adams in 1857 and had 8 children.  She died in American Fork UT on January 6th 1899.

(information found in Church member records (rebaptised on 12 Oct. 1853 in Alpine).

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Marillah McOlney (1833-1899) Profile
Marillah McOlney (1833-1899) Profile