Martha McDowell

Martha sailed from Ireland with her son John Sr. and grandson John Jr. in 1851 on the ship Ellen.

Martha arrived in New Orleans on 14 March 1851 via the ship The Ellen. She was traveling with her son and grandson (John Givens Sr. and John Givens Jr.). She is first seen in Utah at the time of the 1860 census. It is uncertain if she remained in New Orleans with her grandson until the arrival of his mother (Elizabeth Rowley Given) and traveled with them in the Garn Company of 1854 or if she went continued on to the Valley with her son (John Given Sr.) Further research is needed to narrow her year of travel and identify the name of the company she traveled with.

Birth and death dates listed were found in a personal, online family history record (such as Family Tree, Ancestry, or My Heritage), without any accompanying documentation. Further research is needed to verify its accuracy.

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