Martin Zyderlaan

He arrived in Utah by 1855.  The first documentation to place him in Utah is the 1856 census which was taken February 1856.   Further research is needed to narrow the year of his travel.

His birth date comes from information given by him to the Fourteenth Quorum of Seventies, vol. 1, 33, in Seventies Quorum, Records, CR 499, reel 40.

His missionary record and the burial record  has his birth date as 27 September 1824.  His death date is confirmed by the burial record.

He has five different spellings of his last name.  "Zyderlaan" In the seventies record, "Zyderlaen" in the missionary records, "Zyderlean" in the 1856 census, "Zyderladen" on the 1863 Henry Ellis manifest, and "Zyderland" on his burial record. 

He was the clerk of the 1863 Patterson company and a returning missionary from South Africa.


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