Mary Adelia Haight

The Haight family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Daniel Spencer/Ira Eldredge Company in 1847.  The Haight family included Hector Caleb and his wife Julia Ann, and their children Mary, Horton, and William.  Hector Caleb was a Captain of Ten. 

Also traveling in the Daniel Spencer/Ira Eldredge Company was Hector Caleb’s father, Caleb and his wife Sarah Aldridge Martin.  Caleb’s first wife died in 1843, and he married Sarah in 1846.  Two of Sarah’s “Martin” children traveled to Salt Lake in 1848.

Hector’s brother Isaac Chauncey, his wife Eliza Ann Snyder, and their children Caroline Eliza and Temperance Keturah also traveled in the company.

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