Mary Ann Broomhead (1829 - 1909) Profile

Mary Ann Broomhead

Mary Ann crossed the Atlantic on the ship Ellen Maria with her daughter Kate Ethlind Wheelock and her father, William Broomhead, in 1852.  Little Kate died in 1852 in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Two of her sisters and her mother, Cathrine Robbins Broomhead, had sailed in 1849 and were in Pottawattamie County, Iowa by the 1850 census. It is certain that Mary Ann and her mother Catherine Robins Broomhead traveled in this pioneer company. The rest of the family may have been with them but, at present, documentary evidence is lacking; so we have placed the others on the unknown company list. Additional research is needed to clarify the situation.

She appears in the 1856 Utah census in Lehi.

Her death certificate shows her name as "Mary Ann Ratterberry," and it confirms her birth and death dates.  This can be seen with her entry on FamilySearch.

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Mary Ann Broomhead (1829 - 1909) Profile
Mary Ann Broomhead (1829 - 1909) Profile