Mary Bathgate (1796 - 1884) Profile

Mary Bathgate

Alternate Names
Mary Wark (Preferred Name)
Mary Murry (Married Name)
Mary Logan (Married Name)
Mary Hutchinson (Married Name)
Mary Martin (Married Name)
Mary Shelley (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1796 July 26 (Born)
Death Date
On 1884 August 5 (Died)

She was widow from Scotland who came with her daughter, Mary. She traveled to Utah using her maiden name "Bathgate" as her surname although she was a Logan at the time.  They sailed to America in 1856 on the ship Enoch Train.

The poem which she wrote that appears in "Short History of Mary Bathgate Logan Adams" confirms her travel to Utah with her daughter in the Daniel D. McArthur pioneer company.  

The inscription on her gravestone confirms her birth and death dates, and shows her name as "Mary Bathgate Shelley."

A "Mary Bathgate" was rebaptized 22 November 1857 in Utah in the American Fork Ward, but her birth date is not given, so we don't know if this ordinance was performed for the mother or daughter.

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Mary Bathgate (1796 - 1884) Profile
Mary Bathgate (1796 - 1884) Profile