Mary Eliza Brown

Birth Date
On 1836 March 1 (Born)
Death Date
On 1916 November 18 (Died)

Daughter of Mary Arey Brown Babbitt.  Mary Eliza Brown and James Andrew Brown married at Kanesville, Iowa on 12 April 1851.  According to the Registry of Names of Persons Residing in the Various Wards As To Bishops' Reports, Great Salt Lake City, December 28th, A. D. 1852, a James A. Brown was then living in the Salt Lake 15th Ward.  Both James A. and Mary Eliza Brown were re-baptized on 18 January 1853 in the same ward so they must have crossed the plains either in the summer of 1851 or 1852.  Additional research is needed to identify the exact year and the name of the pioneer company with which they traveled.  Mary became the wife of Nathaniel Vary Jones at Salt Lake City in 1857.  Her death notice in the Improvement Era mistakenly says she arrived in Utah in 1855.

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Mary Eliza Brown (1836 - 1916) Profile
Mary Eliza Brown (1836 - 1916) Profile