Mary Elizabeth Hastings (1843 - 1916) Profile

Mary Elizabeth Hastings

Alternate Names
Mary Elizabeth Farley (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1843 December 14 (Born)
Death Date
On 1916 May 16 (Died)

Evidence from emigration, church (Perpetual Emigrating Fund), and genealogical records proves the Hastings family traveled to Utah in 1861. A family history written by the granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Hasting's (Farley) suggests that the family were part of the John Horne company. However, primary source evidence to support this suggestion is lacking. More research needs to be completed to confirm the Hasting family's participation in the John Horne company before they can be assigned to that group in the database. 

Jane and her children emigrated to the United States separately from her husband, John. Jane and her children, Emma, Mary, and John, sailed on the ship Manchester in 1861.

Her death certificate shows her name as "Mary Elizabeth Farley, and it confirms her birth and death dates.

Mary married Winthrope Farley in 1863 in Salt Lake City. 

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Mary Elizabeth Hastings (1843 - 1916) Profile
Mary Elizabeth Hastings (1843 - 1916) Profile