Mary Emma Fowler

Birth Date
On 1851 December 26 (Born)
Death Date
On 1881 July 21 (Died)

While her father, Henry Charles Fowler, was serving a mission, her mother Martha Holland and her siblings, John Franklin and Kate, traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in the Daniel D. McArthur Company in 1863.  Henry’s brother William and his family also traveled Henry family.  Kate died en route.

The Fowlers sailed from London on “The Amazon” at the beginning of June.  They arrived in New York on 18 July 1863.  They then left from New York and eventually made it to Florence, Nebraska, where they prepared for their travels and joined the Daniel D. McArthur Company.

Her given name is "Emma" on the 1870 Utah census and her surname is "Savage" on the burial record and Find A Grave website.  The burial record has her birth date 29 December 1851.



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