Mary Haydock (1835 - 1904) Profile

Mary Haydock

There has been some confusion as to whether Mary's surname was "Haydock" or "Haddock." She is listed on the 1856 Horizon ship manifest with the surname of "Haydock," as is her mother Elizabeth. It appears that members of this family who did not go to Utah kept the "Haddock" spelling, but Elizabeth and Mary changed the spelling to "Haydock" when they came to America. The Sanpete County, Utah Death Register, 1898-1905 shows her name as "Mary Haydock Luke." Contemporary primary sources also list her mother's surname as "Haydock."

The family sailed to America in 1856 on the ship Horizon.

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Mary Haydock (1835 - 1904) Profile
Mary Haydock (1835 - 1904) Profile