Mary Meek Giles

Mary traveled to Utah in 1850. She received a letter from a friend, Anne Wilson, who was currently in St. Louis, preparing to continue on to the Valley. The phrase "I do sincerely trust you will get here too, you don't know what you lose", seems to infer Mary was still in New England at the time the letter was penned on 19 January 1850 but evidence that Mary traveled to the Valley during that year is found in a letter sent to Mary in Salt Lake from her husband, Nathan Webster, who was still in New England. This letter is dated "June and July 1850." He refers letters he had already received from Mary as she traveled through Kanesville.

Mary Webster was living in the household of Edmund and Ruth Sayers of Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory at the time of the 1850 federal census of Utah which was actually taken in early 1851.  Mary "Meeks" Webster was re-baptized at Salt Lake City on 4 February 1852; she was a member of the Salt Lake 7th Ward.  She married Wilford Woodruff 28 March 1852.

Further research is needed to determine the name of the company she traveled with.

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