Mary Palmer Graves (1818 - 1896) Profile

Mary Palmer Graves

Laura Rebecca Walton Larson Barber (b. 1 November 1885 at Porterville, Morgan County, Utah,) wrote a short biography of her grandmother Laura Bratton Cherry who died 1 February 1924 at Centerville, Davis County, Utah.  Grandmother Cherry was a daughter of Mary Palmer Graves Bratton.  The author of the biography was about thirty-nine-years-old when her grandmother passed away; and the two women lived only about thirty-six miles apart.  Surely the granddaughter heard her grandmother’s pioneer story in person.

Grandmother Cherry was ten years old when she crossed the plains in 1852 in an ox-team company together with her mother and sisters and according to the biography they traveled under the leadership of a man named Brim—a Captain of Fifty.  Two men named Brim crossed the plains in 1852, both in the Harmon Cutler Company: Alexander Brim, age fifty-one, and Alfred Wallace Brim age thirty-six.  It is unknown which of these men was “Captain” Brim, but the above information indicates that Mary Graves Bratton and her four little girls crossed the plains in this company.

Mary's birth and death dates are confirmed by the inscription on her gravestone, which shows her name as "Mary Palmer Graves."

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Mary Palmer Graves (1818 - 1896) Profile
Mary Palmer Graves (1818 - 1896) Profile