Mary Ramsbottom

Alternate Names
Mary Ramsbottom (Birth Name)
Mary Ramsbottom Moss (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1826 July 15 (Born)
Death Date
After 1862 (Died)

Mary Ramsbottom was born 15 July 1826, at Whittington, Lancashire, England, the daughter of Thomas and Agness (Redshaw) Ramsbottom. Mary Ramsbottom Moss was a member of the Relief Society and participated in the Nauvoo temple ordinances. Moss is a married name, but it is not known if she was a widow or separated from an earlier marriage by the time she is sealed to John Taylor on the 23 January 1846. For unknown reasons, Mary Ramsbottom did not journey to Utah with the Taylor family. However, on the 24 July 1862 Mary Ramsbottom Moss is listed with the John Riggs Murdock Company arriving in Salt Lake City on 27 September 1862. 

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