Mary Rogers

Mary was traveling with her mother and half-sister, both named Ann. Her mother is not listed as a head of household in the Outhouse Company records, but it is possible they were traveling with Thomas Day and his wife. His reminiscence indicates a widow, anxious to make the journey, helped supply a wagon for his teams to pull if they could travel together. Family histories for young Ann (Mary's half-sister) also confirm that her mother made arrangements to help a man and his wife (with no children of their own, which is confirmed in the Day reminiscence) to buy a wagon to make the trip in. On the roster, there are three individuals in Thomas Day's traveling party that are unaccounted for. We believe this was Widow Rogers and her two daughters.

Her birth and death dates are confirmed by the inscription on her gravestone, which shows her name as "Mary Rogers Fryer," and also by the Utah State History Cemeteries and Burials Database.

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