Mary Williams

Daughter of Ann Williams (1814-1887).  Mary's obituary says she was a handcart pioneer of 1856 traveling with Captain Dan Jones but Jones did not lead a handcart company that year and none of the Mary's family members appear on the hand-written roster of his wagon company. Secondary sources say the family traveled with the Edward Bunker Company, but again, none of their names appear on the published roster of this company (Deseret News [Weekly], 15 Oct. 1856, p. 254). Further research in primary sources is needed to verify this.  Mary married David T Davis.  Find A gives her birth date as 13 July 1844.  In the 1841 Wales census she was six years old suggesting a birth year of 1845.  Additional research in primary sources is needed to identify the name of the pioneer company with which she traveled.

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