Matthias Cowley

Alternate birth date 2 Dec 1829 and 25 Dec 1829 CR 100 160 - 1853-16 - Birth date & place, parents. Nauvoo Seventies List - Birth date & place, parents, baptism date and Seventy Ordination. Alternate baptism date 17 July 1845. Family Search KWJR-YM2 - Baptism date 17 July 1843, Spouse and Endowment date.

Born in Kirkbraddan, Isle of Mann.  He joined the Church in 1843 and his family immigrated to Nauvoo.  His reminiscences tell amazing stories of endurance and faith during his time before traveling to the Salt Lake Valley.

Matthias initially traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in the Henry W. Miller Company in 1852, and was a teamster for Orson Hyde the entire way, as indicated in his Reminiscences. 

On June 22, 1853, Matthias left for a mission in Europe with 28 men, 7 wagons, and 23 animals as indicated in his reminiscences. 

At the end of his mission to Europe, he traveled home as captain of the Matthias Cowley Company in 1857 as indicated by Anna Christina Jensen McRae's Reminiscences and an article in the Arkansas State Gazette and Democrat on 20 June 1857.

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