Nancy Maude Bailey

Alternate Names
Nancy Maude Orton (Married Name)
Nancy Maude Steele (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1830 April 24 (Born)
Death Date
On 1921 March 21 (Died)

Evidence from emigration, census, newspaper, and church records proves the Orton family traveled to Utah in 1851. She likely married John Steele either en route or soon after her arrival in Utah because she was rebaptized with the surname "Steel" in October 1851 in Utah. Although a biographical sketch intimates that she came to Utah in 1850, that is incorrect because she was not on the 1850 Utah census (taken in spring 1851).

The Utah State History Cemeteries and Burials Database and the inscription on her gravestone both show her birth date as 4 April 1830, but her death certificate shows the date as 24 April 1830.  Her name is shown as "Nancy Bailey Steele" on her death certificate.

Her name is shown as "Nancy Steel" on the 1860 Utah census.

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Nancy Maude Bailey (1830 - 1921) Profile
Nancy Maude Bailey (1830 - 1921) Profile