Nephi Peter Anderson

Alternate Names
Birth Date
1847 November 29
Death Date
1910 June 4

Alternate name - N. P. Anderson (First Presidency missionary calls and recommendations 1877-1918: CR 1 168) Alternate name - Niels Peder Pedersen (Family Search) Alternate birth date - Nov 20, 1847 (Obituary in The Garland Globe) Died in Logan Canyon, Cache, UT

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Born in Tj'ornede, Holbeck, Denmark

1847 November 29

Baptized by Niels Christensen

1866 March 7 (Age 18)

Served in Scandinavian Mission

1892 (Age 44) See Missionaries
Marital Status
Residence When Called
Box Elder, Utah
Additional Notes

It is not clear if Nephi Peter Anderson served this mission, he did serve a mission to Scandinavia in 1895.

Served in Scandinavian Mission

1895 June–1897 August (Age 47) See Missionaries
Priesthood Office
Residence When Called
Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah, United States
Set Apart By
Edward Stevenson


1910 June 4 (Age 62)
Nephi Peter Anderson (1847 - 1910) Profile