Niels Andersen (1835 - 1921) Profile

Niels Andersen

Inger and her son Niels and daughter Maren sailed to America in 1861 on the ship Monarch of the Sea.  The ship manifest shows Inger’s name as “Inger Larsen,” a widow.  However, her husband Anders Jeppesen remained in Denmark and died there in 1882.  Niels’s name is shown as “Niels Andersen.” Maren is listed as "Maren K. Jorgensen." 

His travel to Utah in 1861 is confirmed by his obituary. 

His name appears on the original Woolley roster under the name "Niels Anderson." He was traveled in the 4th company of 10. His mother and siblings traveled in the 5th company of 10. 

His death certificate shows his name as "Nels Anderson Jeppsen."

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Niels Andersen (1835 - 1921) Profile
Niels Andersen (1835 - 1921) Profile