Niels Peder Christensen

Birth Date
On 1824 September 27 (Born)
Death Date
On 1912 September 20 (Died)

He is listed as "Pedersen" on the ship's ("Franklin") roster and in the European Mission records. He is listed as "Neils Lunstrom" on the Deseret News roster. On the Scandinavian Mission records it is noted he is from the town of Lanstrup.

There is some confusion as to which company he, his wife and her son traveled in. They are on the Murdock company roster; however, Jens Christian Andersen Weibye notes that this is his half-sister's daughter's husband who traveled with them.

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Niels Peder Christensen (1824 - 1912) Profile
Niels Peder Christensen (1824 - 1912) Profile