Olive Grey Frost

Alternate Names
Olive Young (Birth Name)
Olive Smith (Married Name)
Olive Gray Frost (Alternate Name)
Birth Date
On 1816 July 24 (Born)
Death Date
Circa 1845 October (Died)

24 July 1816–7/8 Oct. 1845. Seamstress. Born in Bethel, Oxford Co., Maine. Daughter of Aaron Frost and Susan Gray. Worked in tailoring trade in Dixfield, Oxford Co., Oct. 1839. Baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 28 Oct. 1839, in Dixfield. Accompanied sister Mary Ann Frost Pratt and brother-in-law, Parley P. Pratt, to England to help with family, arriving Oct. 1840. Returned to U.S. and arrived in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Illinois, 12 Apr. 1843. Identified in some sources as a plural wife of Joseph Smith. Married Brigham Young, 7 Nov. 1844. Died in Nauvoo.

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