Ora Haven Barlow

Birth Date
1896 October 19
Death Date
1986 October 19
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He had been serving in Hawaii for two years when his mission president asked him to extend his mission. He was engaged to Melvira Higgs, so he proposed that she be called on a mission to Hawaii and they would serve the rest of their missions together as a couple. They were married in the Hawaii Temple the day she arrived, 27 June 1922. Their first child, Emily Barlow, was born in Hawaii during their mission.

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Born in Syracuse, Davis, Utah

1896 October 19
Sarah Luella Stokes
Jesse Haven Barlow

Baptized by Walter Baird

1905 July 9 (Age 8)

Served in Hawaiian Mission

1920 January–1923 July (Age 23) See Missionaries
Mission Type
Priesthood Office
Residence When Called
Clearfield, Davis, Utah, United States
Set Apart By
Chas H Hart
Additional Notes

Arrived in Field/Release Date(s) per Hawaiian Mission Index, 1850-1930

Departed from home

1920 January 14 (Age 23)

Arrived in Field

1920 January 31 (Age 23)

Married Hannah Melvira Higgs

1922 June 27 (Age 25)


1923 June 27 (Age 26)


1986 October 19 (Age 90)
Ora Haven Barlow (1896 - 1986) Profile