Orson Pratt

Alternate Names
Orson Pratt, Sr. (Birth Name)
Birth Date
On 1811 September 19 (Born)
Death Date
On 1881 October 3 (Died)

Ordained an Elder by Joseph Smith jun. Dec 1, 1830 and immediately commenced to preach the Gospel. Ordained a High Priest on Feb 22 1832. Ordained an Apostle in 1835 and held that position until he died in Salt Lake City, Oct 3, 1881.

In the 1847 Brigham Young Company, Orson was part of the 1st Company of Ten led by Wilford Woodruff.

Orson Pratt's family traveled somewhat independently although he was initially organized as a leader in and a part of Cummings's company.  He traveled at some times with and assisted John Brown's company.  He arrived in Salt Lake city on 4 October.

He was the Captain of the 1854 company.  His wife accompanied him on this journey.

Orson came from California, leaving December 1857, arriving in Utah in 1858.

He served several missions.

In 1867, he was a returning missionary from Austria. 

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Orson Pratt Sr. (1811 - 1881) Profile
Orson Pratt Sr. (1811 - 1881) Profile
Orson Pratt (1811 - 1881) Profile
Orson Pratt (1811 - 1881) Profile