Oswald Barlow

Birth Date
On 1829 July 20 (Born)
Death Date
On 1876 April 23 (Died)

Oswald Barlow sailed to America in 1850 on the ship Josiah Bradley. 

His name does not appear on the 1850 Utah census.  He was rebaptized 1 January 1852 in Salt Lake City, which was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration, so he would have arrived in 1851.

Oswald was mustered into military service in Salt Lake City 18 September 1852. 

He is probably the "O. Barlow" of the Salt Lake 11th Ward mentioned in the 1856 Utah Territorial census. Other members of his family are also in the 11th Ward.

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Oswald Barlow (1829 - 1876) Profile
Oswald Barlow (1829 - 1876) Profile