Perry Durfee Jr. (1797 - 1872) Profile

Perry Durfee, Jr.

Perry's name appears in the 1850 Pottawattamie, Iowa census, which was taken on 31 August 1850.  The first documentation to place him in Utah is an article which appears in Journal History, 2 August 1852 showing his election as a School Trustee in the Willow Creek Precinct in Tooele County, Utah on 1 August 1852.  With him still being in Iowa in August 1850 and the election taking place in Utah in August 1852, he must have arrived in Utah in 1851.  Further research is needed to determine the name of the pioneer company with which he traveled to Utah.

In some sources his surname is spelled "Durphy."

His birth and death dates are confirmed by the inscription on his gravestone in Missouri.

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Perry Durfee Jr. (1797 - 1872) Profile
Perry Durfee Jr. (1797 - 1872) Profile