Phebe Stafford (1825 - 1890) Profile

Phebe Stafford

The Tingey family began their overland journey as part of the Outhouse company. However, that company experienced divisiveness and for much of the way, each ten in the company traveled independently. Lang captained one of those tens and the Tingey family traveled with him.

Outhouse company records indicate John Tingey's traveling group consisted of four adults. Although we know they were traveling with at least one child, (their son Lehi) further research is needed to identify the two other adults traveling with him and his wife.  Phebe was re-baptized on 10 October 1852 at Salt Lake City.

Birth date and death date listed were found in a personal, online family history record (such as Family Tree, Ancestry, or My Heritage) without any accompanying documentation. Further research is needed to verify its accuracy.


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Phebe Stafford (1825 - 1890) Profile
Phebe Stafford (1825 - 1890) Profile