Rachel David

Birth Date
On 1842 March 3 (Born)
Death Date
On 1920 September 26 (Died)

Rachel's surname is "Davis" on the 1849 ship Hartley.  Death date is confirmed by her death certificate and Find A Grave website.

"My father and [his] five daughters remained there [St. Louis] until 1852 when we started on our journey West. We stayed at Council Bluffs ten weeks, then we continued the journey west and arrived in Salt Lake City on September 19, 1852. . . . I crossed the plains with my father and sisters by ox teams. We were with the 13th company under Captain Williams Morgan." (Emma David Rees)

Her surname is Chambers on the death certificate and Find A Grave website. She married George Harrison Chambers on the 6 December 1861 in Utah.

This family is not listed on the company roster.

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Rachel David (1842 - 1920) Profile
Rachel David (1842 - 1920) Profile