Rachel Horrocks

Birth Date
On 1853 December 26 (Born)
Death Date
On 1942 April 24 (Died)

The Horrocks family arrived in New York on 6 July 1866 via the ship Arkwright. The family consisted of John and his three children. Despite the records on Mormon Migration, his wife Ann did not accompany them as planned. This is confirmed by PEF records that indicate that the balance was for only four shares (people.) Also, she is seen following them a few years later on the ship Colorado in 1869, with an additional PEF record to confirm.

Only John's name appears on the overland company records, as head of household. However, there is a notation that he purchased 6 adult food rations. These would cover himself and his three children. Further research is needed to identify the two additional adults that made the trip with his family.

Later records show her under her married name of "Duke."

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Rachel Horrocks (1853 - 1942) Profile
Rachel Horrocks (1853 - 1942) Profile