Ransom Hatch

Birth Date
On 1827 November 13 (Born)
Death Date
On 1895 March 31 (Died)

Ransom's parents are listed on the partial company roster in the Journal History. Being that Ransom was not yet married at the time of the company's departure, he would not have been included on the roster that only included heads of households. His brother Ephraim's obituary claims that the whole family, consisting of six sons and one daughter, traveled across the plains together. A secondary source, Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, claims that Ransom traveled with his family in the Allen Taylor company.

Evidence from newspaper records proves that Ransom traveled to Utah before 1853. He does not appear in the 1850 Utah Census, but neither do any of his other family members who traveled in the 1849 Allen Taylor company. The first actual documentation to place him in Utah is a Deseret News article published in December 1853 which includes his name.

His death date is confirmed by the inscription on his grave marker.



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Ransom Hatch (1827 - 1895) Profile
Ransom Hatch (1827 - 1895) Profile