Reuben Atkins

Birth Date
On 1832 December 20 (Born)
Death Date
On 1922 January 7 (Died)

He sailed to America in 1859 on the ship William Tapscott. No family members accompanied him.

His birth and death years are confirmed by the inscription on his gravestone in Illinois and by  RLDS records.

Reuben Atkins, was baptized into the RLDS church in Salt Lake City on 7 February 1869.  He married Eliza Poulton in Salt Lake City and she joined the RLDS church on 8 August 1869.  Their family appears in the 1880 Illinois census.

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Reuben Atkins (1832 - 1922) Profile
Reuben Atkins (1832 - 1922) Profile