Richard Fryer

Birth Date
On 1837 May 4 (Born)
Death Date
On 1875 March 16 (Died)

Richard indicates in his journal that he began his trip with the 1853 John Brown Company. Apparently, he, his brother-in-law, John Geary, and sister, traveled with this company from Keokuk, Iowa to Council Bluffs. At Council Bluffs, Richard left the Brown Company and agreed to drive team for a "Mr. Stewart." Further research is needed to discover more information about this Mr. Stewart's company.

His birth date is confirmed by Salt Lake 15th Ward records at the time of a rebaptism on 10 March 1857. Further research is needed to locate the original journal in its entirety to discover more detail about his overland experience.

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Richard Fryer (1837 - 1875) Profile
Richard Fryer (1837 - 1875) Profile