Richard William Jardine, Jr.

Circumstantial Evidence proves that the Jardine family came to Utah between 1854 and 1867.  They sailed to America in 1851 on the ship Ellen Maria.  The ship manifest lists their surname as "Jardian," and includes the names of William (age 30), Elizabeth (age 28), Richard (age 2), and Jean (age 2 weeks).  We have not been able to confirm that Jean survived the journey and arrived in Utah.  Their son James was born in Pennsylvania in 1852, and a a daughter Jeanette was also born there in April 1854, but died in 1855.  The place of death is unknown.  The obituary of Richard states that he had been in Utah 62 years, which would make his arrival about 1860, and the obituary of James says that he came to Utah before the first railroad was constructed, which would have been by 1868.  A church ordinance was performed for the mother, Elizabeth in December 1867.  Further research is needed to determine the exact year of their arrival in Utah and the name of the pioneer company they traveled with.



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