Rosalia Ellen Cox

Birth Date
On 1846 February 22 (Born)
Death Date
On 1924 March 30 (Died)

The Cox family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in the John B. Walker Company in 1852.  Their family included Frederick Walter and his three wives and their children.  They were:  Emeline Sally and their children Frederick Jr., William Arthur, Rosalia Ellen, Edwin Marion, and Emily Amelia, who was born en route.

The family's travel to Utah is mentioned in the obituary of Emeline.

Jemima Losee and their children Mary Adelaide, George Byron, and Esther Phelena.

Cordelia Calista Morely and their children Lovina Emeline, Therissa Emerett, and Sarah Ann.

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Rosalia Ellen Cox (1846 - 1924) Profile
Rosalia Ellen Cox (1846 - 1924) Profile