Ruth Wylie (1830 - 1891) Profile

Ruth Wylie

Ruth sailed to America in 1855 on the ship Juventa, and she crossed the plains the same year.  The ship manifest shows her name as "Ruth Wyllie."  No family members accompanied her to America.

In the 1856 Utah Territorial census her name is shown as "Ruth Kezer." 

The inscription on her gravestone confirms her birth and death dates, as does the Utah State History Cemeteries and Burials Database, both of which shows her surname as "Keysor."  Her obituary also confirms her birth and death dates as well as her travel to Utah in 1855.  Additional research is needed to identify the name of the pioneer company with which Ruth traveled to Utah.

Ruth's mother Mary Ann George Wylie and sister Elizabeth Wylie Steele came to Utah the following year with the Edward Martin Handcart Company.  

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Ruth Wylie (1830 - 1891) Profile
Ruth Wylie (1830 - 1891) Profile