Samuel Lindsey Sprague, Jr.

Birth Date
On 1842 March 23 (Born)
Death Date
On 1900 May 11 (Died)

The Sprague family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Brigham Young Company in 1848.  The family consisted of Samuel Lindsey and Mary Woodward and their son, Samuel Lindsey, Jr.  Samuel Sr. served as the physician for the camp. 

Samuel Jr. traveled with the Heber P. Kimball division of the Joseph W. Young/Ansil P. Harmon/Heber P. Kimball Company in 1861. 

In 1866, Samuel Jr. traveled home at the end of a mission with the Joseph S. Rawlins Company.  His name appears as “L. Sprague” on the roster.

In some documents his middle name is spelled "Lindsay."

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Samuel Lindsey Sprague Jr. (1842 - 1900) Profile
Samuel Lindsey Sprague Jr. (1842 - 1900) Profile