Sarah Call (1828 - 1886) Profile

Sarah Call

Sarah came to Utah with her first husband and their child in 1848 or 1849. The child was born in April 1848 in Iowa, but the first documentation to place them in Utah is the birth of a second child in in Bountiful, Utah in February 1850, which was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration. Further research is needed to confirm their year of travel and the name of the company they traveled with.

They continued on to California where Sarah's husband died. She married his business partner, Nathaniel Hanchett, before returning back to Utah between 1856 and 1860. First documentation to place her in Utah after her return from California is the birth of a child in February 1861. Some sources spell the married name "Hanset."

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Sarah Call (1828 - 1886) Profile
Sarah Call (1828 - 1886) Profile