Sarah Clegg

Church records show that Sarah was born in February 9, 1822 in Crompton (or Shaw and Crompton), Lancashire, England. Church records do not list her mother's maiden name. They simply identify her parents as "John Clegg" and "Sarah." Based on this information, an analytical comparison to information found on FamilySearch indicates that the vital statistics on Sarah's FamilySearch profile are incorrect and that there has been a misidentification regarding Sarah's identity on Family Search. 

The documented year of Sarah's birth (1822) is debatable. She may have been born as early as 1820. There are inconsistencies in census records. However, Utah census records support a later birth year of 1822. 

Review of Shaw and Crompton christening records include an entry for a "Sarah" daughter of John & Sarah Clegg, christened on 18 June 1820. John's profession is listed as a weaver and it is noted that their abode was located in Heyside. Both localities, Heyside and Shaw and Crompton, are found in the Borough of Oldham. Based on this information, in comparison to the information found on Latter-day Saint Church records, it is more likely that Sarah Clegg Cunnington was the child christened on 18 June 1820, not the one christened in Colne on 13 August 1820.

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