Selena Carpenter

Alternate Names
Selena Pack (Married Name)
Birth Date
1864 February 3
Death Date
1900 December 4

Baptism Date per Family Search

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Born in East Mill Creek, Salt Lake, Utah Territory

1864 February 3
Anna Catherine Wehrli
John Sincere Carpenter

Baptized by Silas M Pack

1880 August 5 (Age 16)

Married Ward Eaton Pack Sr.

1888 August 8 (Age 24)

Served in Hawaiian Mission

1889–1891 (Age 25) See Missionaries
Marital Status
Plurally Married
Residence When Called
Kamas, Summit, Utah, United States
Set Apart By
F D Richards
Additional Notes

6 Apr 1891, she was made President of the Relief Society per Hawaiian Mission Index, 1850-1930.

Arrived in Field/Depart from Field Date(s) per Hawaiian Mission Index, 1850-1930.

Served With
Ward Eaton Pack

Arrived in Field

1889 March 16 (Age 25)

Departed from Field

1891 July 28 (Age 27)


1900 December 4 (Age 36)
Selena Carpenter (1864 - 1900) Profile