Sixtus Ellis Johnson

Birth Date
On 1829 October 8 (Born)
Death Date
On 1916 June 4 (Died)

The Johnson Family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Willard Richards Company in 1848.  The Johnson family included Joel Hill and his children from his first marriage Sixtus Ellis, Sariah Anna, Seth Guernsey, and Nephi Johnson, and his two wives Susan Bryant and Janette Fife.  Also traveling in the company was Joel’s brother Benjamin Franklin and his wives and children.

Several years later, he crossed the plains again with the 1858 Whipple Company. He served as Sergeant of the Guard for this journey.

At the end of a mission, Sixtus crossed the plains a third time on his way home. He was captain of his own company for this trip.

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Sixtus Ellis Johnson (1829 - 1916) Profile
Sixtus Ellis Johnson (1829 - 1916) Profile