Thomas Bult

Thomas, his wife Louisa, children Mary, Charlotte, Robert, Eliza, Celia, Jane and Thomas came from England in 1856 on the ship Columbia.

A Family tradition that has carried over into printed secondary sources places Thomas and his family in the Joseph Horne Company of 1861.  While it is true that a married daughter, Mary Bult Dudman and her husband, were in the Horne Company Thomas and other members of his family were in the Henry W. Miller Company of 1862 (on 17 September 1862 the Deseret News [Weekly], p. 92, published a list of the members of the Miller Company.  Included on the list are "Thos. Bult and family and Robt. Bult and family.")  The Thomas Bult Family crossed the Atlantic in 1856 on the ship Columbia.  P. E. F. records prove that most of them crossed the plains in 1862 but Charlotte and Eliza made the trek in 1861.

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