Thomas Campbell Beck

Birth Date
On 1840 March 23 (Born)
Death Date
On 1905 March 3 (Died)

The Beck family sailed from England on the Norfolk on 15 September 1844, and landed in New Orleans in November.  The family included James and Elizabeth Yates, and their children Jonas Nuttall and Thomas Campbell, and from James’ first wife, John Beck.  From New Orleans, the family took the steam boat “The Hilander” to St. Louis, and arrived 23 November.  They stayed for four years in St. Louis, and on 28 March 1848, they left for Council Bluffs or Florence.  According to a history Jonas wrote of his life, (found on NewFamilySearch) his family prepared to cross the plains and joined Lorenzo Snow’s company.  Lorenzo Snow was a Captain of a Hundred, and was the third company in the Brigham Young Company in 1848.

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Thomas Campbell Beck (1840 - 1905) Profile
Thomas Campbell Beck (1840 - 1905) Profile