Titus Billings

Alternate Names
Birth Date
1793 March 25
Death Date
1866 February 6

Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register lists year of birth as 1795. Called to settle Sanpete Valley, Utah Territory.

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Born in Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts

1793 March 25
Ester Joyce
Ebenezer Billings


1830 November 15 (Age 37)

To Dispose of Land

1831 August 30 (Age 38)

D&C 63:39  at Kirtland, Ohio

Served in Eastern States Mission

1842 August 22 (Age 49) See Missionaries
Mission Type
Priesthood Office
Additional Notes

Norman Hale Papers, circa 1860-1990, MS 21196 A special conference was called August 22, 1842, where many Elders were called on missions. Titus was called on a mission to the New England States with L.A. Shirtliff as his companion. For this part of Titus' life we must thank Brother Shirtliff and his diary.... "On Oct 22, 1842 we took a boat to Buffalo, New York. (The trip was done in very stormy weather as the account continues.) ...I was not in the habit walking on a boat when it was tossed on the waves, yet I must try to hit the door and made an effort to catch hold of one side of it and pass through into the ally. I took three steps when I came up against the other side and pitched headlong into the engine room. I later found myself in a room about eight feet square and seven men in it, one of them Bro Titus Billings

Mission Type
Marital Status
Priesthood Office
Additional Notes

Place of mission not listed; Bio. Ency., 1:242; Second counselor to Bishop Edward Partridge from 1837-1840 No record found of a mission in 1844.

Death in Provo, Utah, Utah Territory, United States

1866 February 6 (Age 72)
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