Vilate was an enslaved African American woman who was taken to Utah by the Crosby family.

Vilate's age was listed as 50 in "John Brown's company of 10, report, 1848 June."

The book, The Story of the Negro Pioneer, states that Elizabeth Coleman Crosby owned a slave named Vilate. However, "John Brown's company of 10, report," did not list a "Vilate" with Elizabeth. In the same record, and in the 1850 Slave Inhabitant Schedule, an enslaved woman named Vilet/Vilate appears in the household of  William Crosby. It is interesting to note that Elizabeth Coleman Crosby was the mother of William Crosby. At this time, it is believed that the Vilate listed in The Story of the Negro Pioneer is the same Vilet/Vilate enslaved by William Crosby.

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