William Guliemus Myers

Although his given name isn't given in trail sources (he is only mentioned as "Myers"), it is undoubtedly William Myers because he received property in Salt Lake in 1848. He probably was accompanied by a wife, but research could not specifically identify her. Sources have mentioned the following names of a wife: Jerusha Jay Myers, Zerviah Parish Myers, or Zeruah Myers. It is also unclear if those names refer to one or more than one woman. He was married to "Zeruah Myers" in Nauvoo and her birth was 25 Mar. 1817 (which matches the birth for Zerviah Parish Myers). He was divorced from Jerusha Jay Myers in Salt Lake on 17 Jan. 1852. Zeruah, Zerviah, and Jerusha may be the same person, but that is unclear because the divorce record lists Jerusha's maiden name as Jay, not Parish. 

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