William Lynex

The Lynex family sailed to America in 1853 on the ship Elvira Owen.  The ship manifest shows his name as William Lynx, with Harriet, age 43; William, age 3; Mary, age 8 months; and Jane Morris, age 67.  The roster that appears in Journal History does not include the name of the children, so it is likely that they did not survive the trip to Utah.  It is possible that Jane Morris may be the mother of William's wife, Harriet.
The Perpetual Emigrating Fund record shows William paying for the journey of William Morris.

William was rebaptized in Salt Lake City on 11 December 1853, while living in the Salt Lake City 19th Ward.  This record shows his surname as "Lynex."

"List of Letters" in the Deseret News, proves that he was likely still in Salt Lake City in 1856.  This record shows his surname as "Lynex."

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