William McKenzie

William was rebaptized in Salt Lake City on 26 October 1851.  A William McKenzie, age 22 from sailed to America from Birmingham, England in 1851 on the ship Ellen Maria with other family members.   The rebaptism record confirms his birth date and gives his place of birth as Birmingham, England.  We have not been able to locate further information regarding his full identity.

The 1851 Ellen Maria ship manifest lists a Mary A. McKenzie, age 9 with other family members, including a William McKenzie born about 1829, who is on our website in the 1851 Unknown Company list.  She may be the Mary Ann McKenzie whose name appears on the 1860 Utah census, taken on 20 June 1860, born about 1840 living in the Salt Lake City 7th Ward.  Mary Ann and William may be siblings and may have come to Utah together, but the first documentation to place her in Utah is the 1860 Utah census, taken on 20 June 1860, proving that she arrived in Utah by 1859.  William's name does not appear on any census.  Further research is needed to determine their full identity, any relationship to each other, the year of Mary's travel, and the name of the pioneer company with which they came to Utah.  Mary's name has been included in the 1847-1868 Unknown Pioneer Companies list.


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