William Wood

By way of explanation, the Journal History "roster" for the 1848 Brigham Young company is only a rudimentary, non-contemporary list compiled by clerks in the Historian's Office from unidentified sources. That list states that the "William Wood" in this company is a son of John and Ann Lawrence Wood. The clerks made a mistake in identifying that William Wood (1823-1900) as a member of the 1848 Young company. In May 1848, that William Wood was hunting for gold with other members of the Mormon Battalion in California. He didn't leave California until 10 August 1848 and arrived in Salt Lake City on 7 October 1848. (See Norma Baldwin Ricketts, The Mormon Battalion: U.S. Army of the West, 1846-1848 [1996], 199, 222-24) It is possible that a different William Wood may have been a member of the Young company.

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