1854 January 1
1898 January 1

The Australasian Mission was renamed from the Australian Mission on 1 January 1854 when that mission was expanded to include parts of Asia and the Pacific. It reverted back to the Australian Mission at the end of 1897 when the New Zealand Mission was created.

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Augustus Alwin Farnham Called as President

1854 January–1856 May See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1854 January 1

Absalom Porter Dowdle Called as President

1856 May–1857 June See Missionaries

Andrew Jackson Stewart Called as President

1857 June–1858 May See Missionaries

Thomas Ford Called as President

1858 May–1863 February See Missionaries

Robert Beauchamp Dolling Called as President

1868–1874 See Missionaries

William Geddes Called as President

1874 March–1875 February See Missionaries

Thomas Arthur Gladman Shreeve Called as President

1878 September–1879 January See Missionaries

Frederick John Augustus May Called as President

1878 September–1879 January See Missionaries

Elijah Francis Pearce Called as President

1878 October–1880 March See Missionaries

George Batt Called as President

1880 March–1881 January See Missionaries

William Michael Bromley Called as President

1880 December–1883 July See Missionaries

William Thomas Stewart Called as President

1883 April–1886 May See Missionaries

William Paxman Called as President

1886 February–1889 September See Missionaries

John Samuel Bingham Called as President

1888 April–1891 October See Missionaries

Angus Taylor Wright Called as President

1889 August–1890 October See Missionaries

William Gardner Called as President

1893 May–1896 October See Missionaries

Andrew Smith Jr. Called as President

1895 August–1898 January See Missionaries

Ezra Foss Richards Sr. Called as President

1896 April–1897 December See Missionaries

Mission Closed

1898 January 1

Mission Split


The mission was discontinued and split to create the Australian Mission and New Zealand Mission

Australasian (1854 - 1898) Profile
Mahia District
Maori Book of Mormon Translators
New Zealand Missionaries
New Zealand Mission Collage
Missionaries at Te Hawke