1851 October 30
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Organized in 1851 as the Australian Mission. Renamed Australasian Mission in 1854. Renamed Australian Mission in 1898 when the New Zealand Mission was created.

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The mission was created on 30 October 1851 as the Australian Mission. It expanded to include New Zealand and Tasmania so was renamed the Australasian Mission on 1 January 1854.

John Murdock Called as President

1851 March–1852 June See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1851 October 30

Charles Wesley Wandell Called as President

1852 May–1853 April See Missionaries

Augustus Alwin Farnham Called as President

1852 August–1854 January See Missionaries

Frederick Ellis Barker Called as President

1897 December–1900 July See Missionaries

Andrew Smith Jr. Called as President

1898 January 1–June 23  See Missionaries

Andrew Fjeld Called as President

1900 January–1901 September See Missionaries

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Mission home located at 8 Toogood St., Erskineville, Sydney, New South Wales.



In 1901 the mission office was located at 32 Too-Good Street Erskineville, Sydney. From 1904 to 1905 the mission office was located at 8 Too-Good Lane. From 1905 to 1907 the mission office was at 65 Station Street, Newtown, Sydney. From 1907 to 1916 the office was at Victory Pennell Street, Enmore, Sydney.

James Duckworth Jr. Called as President

1901 July–1906 July See Missionaries

William Armstrong Called as President

1906 January–1909 January See Missionaries

Charles Alvin Orme Called as President

1908 October–1911 September See Missionaries



From 1907 to 1916 the office was at Victory Pennell Street, Enmore, Sydney. From 1916 to 1923 the mission office was at 43 Station Street, Newtown, Sydney.

William Weldon Taylor Called as President

1912 June–1914 September See Missionaries

Arnold Daniel Miller Called as President

1917–1920  See Missionaries



From 1916 to 1923 the mission office was at 43 Station Street, Newtown, Sydney. It then moved to 21 Pemell Street, Enmore, Sydney. In 1927 the office moved to 27 Simmons Street, Enmore, where it remained until 1950.

Don Carlos Rushton Called as President

1920 October–1924 September See Missionaries

Charles Henry Hyde Called as President

1924 June–1926 December See Missionaries

Clarence Horne Tingey Called as President

1928 October–1931 July See Missionaries



The Australian Mission included the Commonwealth of Australia (including Tasmania) and was divided into six districts, one in each state. District Headquarters were located in each capital city and Mission headquarters were located in Sydney at 27 Simmons St., Enmore, Sydney.

Leonidas DeVon Mecham Called as President

1931 January–1932 March See Missionaries

Thomas David Rees Jr. Called as President

1935 May–1938 May See Missionaries

James Judd Called as President

1938 March–1944 April See Missionaries
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