1892 August 23
No dates given.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints first came to California when the Brooklyn arrived in July 1846. Missionary work occurred in the state off-and-on for decades and an official mission was finally organized in August 1892.

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Samuel Brannan Called as President

1847 August 7 See Missionaries

Charles Coulson Rich Called as President

1849 October–1850 November See Missionaries

George Quayle Cannon Called as President

1855 May–1858 January See Missionaries

Headquarters move


In early 1895 the mission headquarters moved from 118 Tenth Street to 417 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, California.

Towards the end of the year, the mission headquarters then moved to 538 McAllister Street, San Francisco. 

In August of 1897, mission headquarters moved to 915 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco.

John Luther Dalton Called as President

1892 August–1894 February See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1892 August 23

Karl Gottfried Maeser Called as President

1894 January 19–August 17 See Missionaries

Henry Smith Tanner Called as President

1894 August–1896 November See Missionaries

Ephraim Hesmer Nye Called as President

1896 November–1901 May See Missionaries

Headquarters move


By 1902 the mission home was located at 939 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, California.  In 1903 it was located at 609 Franklin St., San Francisco. The earthquake of 8 April 1906 devastated San Francisco and prompted a move of the mission home to Los Angeles at 516 Temple St.

Joseph Eldridge Robinson Called as President

1901 May–1919 April See Missionaries

Headquarters move and boundaries


By April 1911 the mission headquarters were located at 767 16th Street, Oakland. However, by the end of the year they had moved to 724 Broderick Street, San Francisco.

By early 1913 the mission headquarters had moved to 423 W 10th Street, Los Angeles. It then moved to 153 W Adams Street, Los Angeles, around May 1913.

In 1919, the mission comprised the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona excluding the area covered by the stakes in St. Johns, Snowflake, St. Joseph, and Maricopa, Arizona, and part of the North Weber Stake that covered part of east-central Nevada.

Joseph William McMurrin Sr. Called as President

1919 April–1932 January See Missionaries

Mission boundaries


The mission covered all of California, as well as parts of Arizona and Nevada.

There were 11 districts and 49 branches in the mission. Arizona contained one district and 11 branches, Nevada had one district and five branches, and California had nine districts and 33 branches.

Alonzo Arza Hinckley Called as President

1932 January–1935 February See Missionaries

Nicholas Groesbeck Smith Called as President

1935 February–1937 August See Missionaries

Wallace Aird Macdonald Jr. Called as President

1937 June–1941 February See Missionaries

Henry Hooper Blood Called as President

1941 January–1942 June See Missionaries
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